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Salty liquorice: The not-so-sweet sweet

By Mark Bosworth BBC World Service

Salty liquorice is an acquired taste - and many in Finland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands learn to love its sharp, sour flavours during childhood. But for those who are introduced to it later in life, the black stuff can be hard to stomach.

This was obviously some sort of test.

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  • Lakrids Fine Liquorice Powder

    No 2. Lakrids Sweet Liquorice Syrup

    No 3. Double Salt Triangles

    No 4. Turkish Peber

    No 5. Pontefract Cakes

    No 6. Salty Liquorice Diamonds Zouts

    No 7. Swedish Salty Fish

    No 8. Liquorice Salt Pastilles

    No 9. Dutch Knoopjes

    No 10. Dutch Double Salt Rounds

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    Van Slooten Salty Trucks 70g.

    Van Slooten Rally Drivers 70g.

    Lakerol Sunset.

    Lakerol Black Diamond.

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