We love liquorice!

Always have done, always will, but although we’ve been involved in the confectionary trade for years we always used to find it difficult to buy the natural, quality liquorice we wanted in a one stop shop.

That’s when we decided to create All Things Liquorice, to offer customers the world’s largest and widest choice of liquorice, all on one website!

You could say that the rest is just history, we’ve grown and added to our range every month since we launched, which is great, but even more exciting for us has been the friends we’re making along the way, regular customers who we’re getting to know and whose taste in liquorice we recognise.

It’s been because of these new friendships that we’ve launched the Liquorice Club, a free-to-join club for those who want to receive our newsletter, special offers, the odd gift and news of events as we start to consider coming out of our liquorice lair and holding tasting events!

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